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    Midwest Merchant Processing LLC, Credit Card  Merchant Services, Marshalltown, IA

    Face-to-Face Service Plus 24 hour phone service!

    Steve Blevins

    Processing Solutions

    • Retail

      We have several very inexpensive and reliable hardware systems to get retail going. Terminals are simple and fast, POS for analytics, inventory control and much more.

    • Restaurants

      Restaurants need a solid processor to keep you up and running, that’s what we do best! Midwest Merchant Processing will come and see you when you need help. Face to face!

    • Mobile

      Mobile Payment systems make processing easy for the on the move business

      Calculate Tips and Sales tax

      Email your customers their reciepts


    • Apple Pay

      Near field communication is becoming more important in retail and fast food. We have several terminals to meet your Apple Pay needs,

    • Gift Cards

      Gift and Loyalty cards are a great way to keep customers coming back, most can be integrated to your POS or Credit Card terminal for ease of use.

    • E-commerce

      If you need a gateway- We have an answer.

      If you need to setup your shopping cart- we have an answer.

      Need a donation button on your webpage- we have an answer.


    • Ebt

      If you sell grocery’s you will need EBT

      Electronic Benefit Transfer or Food Stamps

      can be set up to share with your credit card terminal.

    Independent Sales Agent for National Processing Company
    DBA Midwest Merchant Processing
    Registered SIO/MSP of First National Bank of Omaha, NE

    Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover


    • Ipad pos

      Vital Point of Sale

      Restaurant and Retail Merchants



    • Wireless

      Featuring Verifone and Ingenico Wireless Terminals

      Wireless terminals are great for merchants on the go.



      Garage door repair

      Kiosk sales

      State Fair


    • Mobile

      NPC Mobile

      Roam Pay X


    • Check Processing

      We have several check processing vendors that will meet your needs, whether it be check 21 or Check guarantee, we can help.